A seed of doubt

Where to start this one…

A simple question came to me this morning while spending time with the Lord.

Is there any area of your life where you have struggled with doubt?

If I had been asked that question 2+ years ago I would’ve listed a bunch of areas and thought, “Yup, lots of places where things probably won’t change.”

The very first deception sown into the mind of man was in the form of a question. Satan came to Eve with a question because a question demands a response; rather than a statement which you can ponder on or decide what to take from it that you like. Satan asks Eve, “Did God really say that?” His focus was to get Eve to question if God had been purposely withholding good from her. He wanted to plant that seed of doubt in her mind.

Satan himself is a doubter. It all began with him when he doubted God’s goodness and instead took on the quest to ascend.

So this morning when I asked myself if I struggle with doubt in any area of my life, I was taken directly to that place of doubt I’ve been having. And this time instead of blowing it off and saying something like…”It is what it is,” I was confronted with truth that that seed, or really at this point a plant of doubt, was really from the enemy and not from the Lord. I had been doubting the Lord’s goodness in that situation.

So I ask you. Are there areas of your life where you struggle with doubt?

Interrogate them. Bring them before the Lord, and allow him to speak truth into them!

“Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and he will do it.” Psalm 37:5

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