Grain of sand

Ever feel like you don’t matter much?

Ever feel like you are as small as a grain of sand? So small that no one would even recognize. I mean even so small how could the Lord recognize you amongst the billions of people on this earth?

Truth is, we are small compared to those things. But, is that really how the Lord sees us? Are we each a speck of dust in this world?

I recently had a discovery that the Lord brought to me about his creation. More specifically about the earth that he created, and some things were brought to light along with that.

You see, I believe the enemy would want us to feel that we are just a grain of sand and that God really is so far away because look! We have all these “planets” and “deep space” and a bazillion (too hard to count) miles and miles of “galaxies” left to discover. It’s no wonder we can look out and say, “God where are you?” “You’re so far!”

Is he really though?

I believe the Lord is SO much closer than we realize. I believe the sun and the moon are much much closer than we’ve been taught. I believe all of his creation (recorded in Genesis) was created foolproof. Nothing, and I mean nothing or no one can out-wit his design.

And also, I believe the spiritual and physical realms are so much closer than we may have thought. The Lord IS near and Heaven is near.

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