Highs and Lows


Another day. Husband away at work. Kiddos at play. Another “Mommy, will you play with us?” “Mommy, this is my house and my airplane.” “Mommy, I can’t find my blue truck.”

Another day of hearing a hurt, struggled heart of a dear sister. Another day of built up dishes and laundry. Another day of fatigue, another day of what feels like solo parenting.

Another day that feels like the world is sometimes on your shoulders.

Lord, I see you. I see your heart for those hurting. I see the unimaginable healing power. My heart aches like yours. I’ve experienced you more than comprehension. I’ve experienced supernatural, and I’ve been sprinting to “keep up with you.” Funny…as I forgot there for a bit that I am human and am limited this side of Heaven.

And while struggling with feeling like a failure…today, you sought me. While my heart was overwhelmed by all the hurt and all the pain around me that it felt impossible to reach them all, you ministered to me.

I had forgotten like I tend to do, the need I had for your tender, loving father-like care who picks me up, lets me curl up in your lap and just be with me. No longer wondering if you have enough to be all I need plus all everyone else needs. You are boundless. You are un-comprehendible. Thank you for filling me with exactly what I needed.

You are there in the highs. You are there in the lows. You are with me through it all. You don’t love me because of what I do. You’re too good to let me go.

Father, may I reflect you.

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