I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions, or at least ever bought into the idea. And then the “one word for the year” thing came around and that too in my mind was like another new year’s resolution because it probably wouldn’t stick with me and like all the other resolutions, would be forgotten about after the first month. So I wasn’t going to do that either this year. But then while sitting in church a few days ago and while our new lead pastor began to speak about the church’s word for the year, “rooted”, it suddenly came to me. It was the Holy Spirit giving me a word because this word had great depth to it. It is a word that came to me just a short month ago and I think it might be the most powerful one in my life yet. That word is innocent.

This is not a word you hear all too often in our world. I mean how could we, the word itself means: free from moral wrong; without sin; pure.

Everywhere we look in our world, everything has been tainted by sin. Death..violence…corruption, nothing is pure anymore.

We might look at a new baby and say that they are the closest to being pure and innocent. They are fresh out of the womb and haven’t had a chance to purposely act out in any way. and so we view them as something innocent.

So everywhere we look innocence isn’t there. It’s so barren that I think we are kind of used to the idea that it doesn’t exist or can’t ever be achieved this side of heaven. But is that what scripture really teaches us?

Let’s take a look at our first parents, Adam and Eve. They were the only ones to ever experience a life without sin, a life of purity, a life of innocence. They didn’t have shame when they looked at each other and the world around them. They didn’t compare themselves to anyone or anything because they knew exactly who they were created to be and had complete unity with the Father. But that unity was broken when sin entered in. Shame came with it and they were suddenly afraid of being naked. They already knew they were naked the whole time, but now there was shame wrapped up in the nakedness. Their innocence was taken because of sin.

And so from then on sin has taken away our innocence. Can we ever get it back? You better believe we can!

I’ll share what God has shown me lately through this word innocence in my next blog post!

Stay Tuned. 🐨

Until then, do you have a word for this year? What is it and why did you choose it? Comment below!

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