I am learning more and more…

I am learning more and more these last few years that being a disciple of Christ looks more and more like releasing than taking on.

We humans are so good at self protecting. We’ve learned somewhere along the way that we must protect ourselves at all costs. Somewhere along the way, we didn’t see anyone else in our lives able to protect us so we learned little by little how to protect ourselves, until as an adult we become master artists at it.

Parallel to this while growing up, I learned about God. I learned scripture, I learned all the things to do to be a good “disciple.” Pray, read your Bible, go to church, listen to God‘s instructions in his word, do good. As obviously those are all good things, I actually began to notice that I had been doing it backwards. I was putting on things to try and be a better person—to do better. When that wasn’t going to bring true transformation.

The deep transformation in my life began to happen as God began to show me more and more ways that I had been self protecting myself. Where I had believed no one was going to protect and keep me safe…along with God. And so, I began to release them to him, and release, and release.

I looked around and realized that my life began to look more and more like the life of a free person than a life of a slave. I couldn’t believe how much I had actually had bound up inside through self protection.

And so, the more I released to him the more I actually put on. Putting on his truths, his ways, walking in His Spirit and taking on Jesus’ cross.

Who could’ve ever thought releasing and letting go more and more of yourself to Him could bring so much more addition to your life.

So much more freedom.

And now all I want to do is release more and more.

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