lord of the rings

one who’s life has been saved has an entirely new outlook on life. one who fathoms the weight of the sacrifice made on your behalf has new meaning to life. today I am broken. actually I’ve been broken for awhile now. broken because not everyone knows how priceless they are. broken because the enemy has a veil over precious people. how do you pour out what’s in your heart into the words you type? if only. if only all could just know. just experience the value they hold. the value that isn’t dependent on how talented they are. the value that has absolutely nothing to do with what you can achieve or what you can’t achieve. those…those are just distractions. distractions from a real enemy who hates your guts. well, really he hates God’s guts but since you are God’s prized possession, you are a perfect pawn used to show complete unfathomable hatred. what’s even particularly interesting is the enemy’s sly deceit. he will get you chasing achievements after achievements in this world. running around with a chicken with his head cut off. errr sheep without a shepherd. confused. they don’t know who their shepherd is so they hear any ole voice (enemy’s) and they follow. and the worst part about it, he gets you thinking life is so rosy and comfy over here, this must be where I need to be. like virtual goggles on. completely unaware of the darkness surrounding you. it’s nasty. but you’re right where the enemy wants you. confused. in a facade. disarmed. and completely ineffective. people…souls, are dying all around you and you are over here wearing virtual goggles oblivious to it. it’s not just a bad feeling you get, or a negative vibe. it’s real and HE is real. the battle is not against your family member you can’t stand, a friend who hurt you, or a neighbor who stole two feet of your property line. those are simply and only distractions. to keep you focused OFF the real battle–the real enemy. he’s pretty stinkin’ good at distractions too.

but guess what? when you see it, you see it. when you know it, you know it. and it burns the fiery pits off you. and THEN, you gather an army and fight back like hell. this imagination makes me think of a battlefield. lord of the rings. all the way til the end and its all or nothing and you’ve been beaten down and shoved too many times to count but this…this is it. because, IT IS WORTH IT. knowing the stake at which you are fighting for. this however doesn’t look like a battlefield for us. it looks like prayer. it looks like seeking the Father’s face. did I already say prayer? it looks like prayer. they’re two things the enemy does all the criminal acts against. if he can keep you from those two things, boom. a perfect pawn to be used for his own depravity. out of the game. focused on all the fictitious enemies.

but Jesus. but Jesus. winning every game. winning every battle. he won it all. he is the wild card you pull out every. single. time. because…the demons obey him. in him is truth and in him is victory. victory over the enemy. I used to think the victory was only after this life. boy was I wrong. the victory is also IN THIS WORLD. but it only comes by seeking the Father’s face and praying heaven on earth.

believe friend. believe. believe you are worth it. you are worth dying for. believe the battle is real. believe you ARE victorious. because HE is victorious.

and lastly. pray brother. seek his face and pray.

“then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves (obey) and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” 2 chronicles 7:14.

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