The Role of a Father

This morning I got up at 4:40 to roll out cinnamon rolls for my husband to celebrate Father’s Day. After I made my black, decaf coffee, I had some time to sit down on this gorgeous Sunday morning before the household got up. The first thing that came to mind as I was thinking about this day was the role of a father.

This is my husband’s 3rd year celebrating Father’s Day. And although that is a fraction of many other fathers, I have seen him learn and grow so much in the role of a father in that amount of time.

I’m not going to sit here and preach and pretend to know exactly what the role of a father should look like. Instead I want to share how my husband, Jamie, has touched my life through that role.

The first thing I have seen Jamie grow in as a Father is cutting out time for personal spiritual growth and development. To see him get up an hour before I even get up is incredible. So he’s getting up early, whoopdeedoo? That action alone right there tells me more about the kind of father my husband is than spending all the time in the world with him. It tells me what is most important to him and that is his growth in his relationship with Christ. Did he always do that? Absolutely not. That action alone took years before it undertook. Some of my favorite mornings are waking up to him greeting me with excitement and sharing with me what he learned that morning and how God is challenging him. Children learn the definition in life by the example of the father. And one of Jamie’s favorite experiences with his dad while growing up, was waking up to his dad in the office with his Bible open, sitting on his lap, and hearing his dad read the Bible out loud to him. I would rather see Jamie teach our children the Bible and what it looks like to follow Jesus than any sport of basketball or baseball. Those treasured moments will pass on from generation to generation.

The second thing that comes to mind, is his servant’s heart. From day one after Judah’s birth, Jamie has consistently taken over that role of a servant father. “Babe, can you change this boy’s poopy diaper?” “Babe, can you just take him from me for awhile?” “Would you mind doing this…can you do that…?” Whatever it is, he serves us without complaining. Something that I’m sure he will teach our kids in that area much better than I ever will. Sometimes it baffles me the amount of serving he will do for others without even a single thought of himself. This is the exact trait that I want to see our children learn to have.

Among many more roles as a father, lastly, one that brings joy to my heart is his ability to get down on Judah’s level and just have fun with him. No matter the stresses of work, finances, or even our marriage, he has shown Judah the importance of enjoying life and having reasons to do that. When Jamie comes home from work and spends time playing with Judah––banging cars around and tussling––even though the squeals and screams of excitement may drive me mad, it is also teaching Judah (and me) that there are so many reasons to enjoy life in any moment or circumstance.

Thank you, Jamie, for living out the role of a father to our children. With another one coming soon, I can’t wait for him to meet the best dad in the world and get to experience firsthand what it looks like to spend time growing with Jesus, having a servant’s heart, and enjoying life through anything that comes its way. You are more than we could ask for.

Happy Father’s Day!

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