Last night my family and I went to Olive Garden for dinner.

It was a strange situation where my husband found a gift card to there lying around somewhere. It looked like it had been there awhile because it was all dirty. When he called to check the balance, there was $75 on it. Whoa!

Now if that was a gift card to Sprouts or Trader Joe’s, I probably would’ve gotten on my knees right then and there, thanking God for this blessing. But hey still free food right?

Most of you probably know their menu only consists of like 5 things that are gluten friendly. I chose a grilled chicken breast on top of gluten free rotini with marinara meat sauce. My husband got the grilled chicken parmigiana with gluten free rotini and marinara meat sauce. Both meals basically the same.

I tell you this boring, lame story to share my experience with the first bite and essentially the rest our time there. Now you have to know that it had been over 2 years since I had eaten there. Two years that weren’t missed because that first bite was absolutely pathetic. There was NO FLAVOR whatsoever. It tasted like watered down marinara sauce mixed in rubber. The reason why I thought it tasted flavorless was because it was flavorless, a lack of herbs and spices.  I was so awestruck at the fact that this meal was served at a highly favorable restaurant.

Now, my intentions are not to bash Olive Garden and their less than appealing food. In fact it used to be one of my top favorites. Instead, here’s what I concluded about our dinner there.

I probably used to love Olive Garden before, honestly because of their high gluten-containing meals and loads of cheese. Not the actual flavor of the food.

Removing gluten completely from my diet for almost 2 years now along with other highly processed, low nutritional foods has allowed me to explore the plethora of flavorful foods and delicious herbs and spices. Once your tastebuds have experienced whole foods for that long, they don’t enjoy anything but.

This has happened to me on numerous occasions where I tried eating something I used to love eating, but it just wasn’t the same at all. It was almost as if my body was immediately telling me, “Hey, what the heck is this? You call this food?”

This experience more than anything opened up my eyes to my health before the transformation and after. Also, how much I was missing out on before. An experience that again points back to Jesus.


Because of all that I was missing out on before I truly began to believe and follow Jesus. That life before was flavorless, lacking in nutrition.

My life now…?

Full of seasoning, full of healing. Never to go back!

He is what I long for––what I truly need.



2 thoughts on “Flavorless

  1. Awesome post, Jen. I loved the analogy. Since we have gone Keto, we have added many new herbs and spices to our food which have added so much more flavor and variety. The last time that we went out to eat I told the kids that I don’t like to eat out. Their food doesn’t taste as good as mine!


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