Are you tired of being tired?

Every journey starts somewhere. Whether it’s a road trip to the beach, a hike up a mountain, or a recovering alcoholic. Each one begins with a little education. In order to be successful on your journey, you have to have some sort of knowledge about it. For you to get to your destination successfully it’s probably a good idea to use some sort of map and to decide on what time of day is best to go; find out what cities you’ll be going through and how long it will take to get there. Even with hiking, you’ll want to know things like what kind of trail you’ll be going on, what is the distance of it and are there dangers you need to be aware of.


My journey to better health all started with some education.


It was March of last year. My family had just moved to Tucson from West Texas. Judah was only 4 months old and the effects of postpartum were really kicking my butt. I was exhausted, fatigued…complete lack of energy. Out of the blue my mom (thank you mom!) tags me in a link on Facebook to a documentary series called “The Thyroid Secret.” They were airing the series online over the next few days. It looked interesting so I began to watch it. After the first of 9 episodes my brain was already in information overload, but I learned SO much about my autoimmune disease, what affected it and how to get my life back! That one series birthed a whole new journey for me.


I tell people this all the time, my life never would have changed if I hadn’t started by educating myself. First off, learning about my disease was important. Finding out how it started was a big piece to the puzzle. Secondly, now that I have it, what can make it worse and what will actually help it. I probably learned more about food and its affect on the human body that day than nearly all my years of school. The constant bloating…the fatigue…the cramping. There was something behind it and the road to healing began with learning more about my body and how everything on the outside affects the inside.


I share all of this with you to possibly give you some confidence in beginning a journey of taking back your health. Are you tired of being tired? Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you have constant trouble sleeping? Are you constantly sick? Maybe it’s time for you to do some research on your health, and more importantly why and how to ultimately improve it!


This could be a place to start. Here are a few documentaries I recommend to be very informational and insightful.


The Thyroid Secret

What’s With Wheat

Food As Medicine

What The Health


My motivation to begin this journey greatly increased after I simply studied it. The same can happen for you. Educating yourself can change the course of your health!


What are some resources that have been beneficial for you in your journey to better health? Comment to share!

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