Hey y’all!

It’s been a few weeks since getting on here to write. You could say a lot of it had to do with the busyness going on but really thats not the whole truth. And that’s what I want to share with you today.

Things are picking up in our ministry here in Tucson. Opportunities are opening up and we are just sitting back watching God work. But in the behind the scenes of all that was going on, I had been struggling with something on the inside…

I enjoy opening up about my life experiences with others because if it means I can be an encouragement to at least one person then I’ve fulfilled my objective.

For the last few months I have been struggling in my motherhood. We’ve all been there as moms, I know …doubts, discouragement, fear… I was feeling discouraged in my role as a mom to my son. I felt like I was doing so much to be the best mom to Judah but feeling like a failure at the same time. The Enemy snuck his way in, whispering lies that it was all me and that I have it worse than anyone else.

This struggle was carrying over into other areas of my life. All the while trying to keep up a good front, because lets face it, the show must go on right?

But, can I just say, we as moms (or moms to be) put SO much unrealistic expectations on ourselves! Even if right now you don’t think you do, how many negative thoughts have you had about your looks, your child’s behavior, your role as a wife or as a friend? Simple thoughts like that can have a destructive effect. Food isn’t the only thing that can be toxic to our bodies. Toxic thoughts can have a negative impact as well.

So heres some reality for you. I’m going to put it on a plate with a side of boldness.

You worry that you aren’t the perfect friend? Guess what? You aren’t! You’re worried that you’ll never be that perfect wife? You won’t! And, afraid you’ll never be that ideal mom to your kids where they are always well behaved and always fall down at your knees in complete gratitude for all you do for them? Nope! Ain’t happenin’! Can we just give ourselves some permission to not be enough? We’re human and we will never be enough  for our kids, our spouse or our friends. That weight is not for us to carry because we were not made to be enough. We can only lead others to the One who is always enough. 

When we take our eyes off of everything that we aren’t and look to the One who is, we live in completeness.

It took some house cleaning for me to realize my focus was off and I don’t mean the kind of cleaning you do in your home. I mean the kind you do on the inside. It was time for me to take the focus off myself and put it on the One who paid it all for me. It was time to put an end to the toxic beliefs.

And it can be that time for you too!

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