Stay tuned!

It’s November. Up until now things were only getting worse for my health. So sick, and so sick of being sick. I had dumped several hundreds of dollars into tests and doctor appointments. Still no definite answer as to why I was getting worse. Taking this supplement and that supplement.


I had just gotten done testing my thyroid and thyroid antibodies. The thyroid antibodies tests shows how severe the attack on my thyroid is and the thyroid tests shows how my thyroid is currently doing. When I got the anitbodies tests back I was extremely disappointed in the numbers. The numbers had barely moved. Of all the work I had done the last several months, to see that was very discouraging. Again I was losing hope. Losing faith that God would actually heal me. It still blows my mind how deeply affected I was from having a sick gut. There’s a reason they say your gut is like your second brain. SO MUCH of your overall health has everything to do with the condition of your gut. The list would go on and on about what all goes on inside of it.


But this guys…this is where my tragic story turns completely around. In November of 2017 is when God led me on a new journey. A new journey where the results were life changing!


Like I mentioned before, I was taking numerous supplements recommended by my Naturopathic Doctor. I was taking enzymes, two rounds of anti-fungal to get rid of candida yeast overgrowth (apparently the first round didn’t do the job), herbal treatment to get rid of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), all sorts of vitamins, probiotics, and Chaste Tree to regulate hormones. All the works. Sadly though, I wasn’t seeing much change. These supplements were supposed to help heal my gut. They were even highly recommended brands.


Have you ever had someone give you great advice or a recommendation but you decided to take your time in trying it out? And then when you actually do, you ask yourself why did I wait this long to try it? Well that sort of happened to me. A friend recommended a Nutritional Health Coach to me when I was looking for an alternative doctor here. Once I decided I needed help from somewhere else, I decided to contact her… seven months later…wondering why I didn’t do it sooner.


One thing was already different about her though. She mentioned God. A believer!


She was attentive to my needs. She prayed for me over the phone. I already had a sense of relief! At this point I was willing to try anything. But this…this seemed uncommon. And me…I’m all about uncommon.


Looking back to four months ago, I am completely astonished at the different person I am now than I was in November before I met Claire.


A happy, energized person with so much ambition.


I cannot wait to share with you what and who it was that took my life from depressed, sick and tired, to energized, motivated and renewed!


Stay tuned! ☺️

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