“Dear Lord”

Fast forward four months to July. By now I was eating gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and nightshade free. The extreme fatigue I experienced before was much better and the wrist joint pain that I had was also gone. I had already completed a candida diet for six weeks where the only “sugar” I could have was stevia and a piece of fruit a day.


I had also just completed an elimination diet. What I found was that I was sensitive to wheat, some dairy, eggs, nightshade vegetables and some nuts. Great! Ok, maybe some more answers… I’ll just avoid these foods and my gut will finally have a chance to heal. The Naturopathic Doctor I was seeing had me avoid these foods for six more weeks and then try to reintroduce the foods slowly back in. I’d already gone this long without them, no big deal.


Six weeks later and I’m still not able to reintroduce foods. Things are really starting to get discouraging at this point. Here I am taking supplements, removing toxins, avoiding foods I can’t tolerate and I’m not getting any better, in fact I’m starting to get worse. By the time October rolled around, the list of foods I couldn’t tolerate was huge. I couldn’t eat garlic or onions anymore, a staple in my cooking. No rice or quinoa, essentially no grains period, without major bloating and cramping shortly afterwards. My life was beginning to feel like a nightmare. Instead of getting better I was getting worse and worse. I began losing even more weight, now down 20-25 lbs since the beginning of this journey.


I felt miserable. A slave trapped inside my own body. Angry at it… Jealous of others. My husband and I used to go out on a date every Thursday night. Those went away because there was literally nothing I could eat on the menu besides meat and the sight and smells of everything I couldn’t eat was torture. Never had I felt this way before. I was beginning to doubt my decision in choosing to take the alternative, natural route. People thought I was nuts. I was seriously confused and didn’t understand God’s reasoning.


I look back on it now though and realize that my body wasn’t to blame here. God didn’t “mess up” when he formed me in my mother’s womb.


But you see, it’s so easy to blame our bodies for screwing up. Or even better yet, blame God for allowing diseases to happen to us. Except that we’re over here eating a chicken fried steak with loaded mashed potatoes and french fries like, “Dear Lord thank you for this day….thank you for this food…bless it to our bodies….amen.” (Sounds a little ridiculous but we do it all the time!) Do that day in and day out for 10 years, get heart disease or cancer or HASHIMOTO’s, and… “God, why did you allow this to happen?”


Ok…obviously I’m making up a scenario but you get my drift!


God made our bodies with the powerful ability to self heal and maintain itself. To nourish itself from the whole foods of this very Earth. Our bodies were never designed to process fake, depleted, chemically infused food. We can’t expect to eat junk over and over and it not have a negative effect on us. That’s insanity. Over time it WILL bring about sickness.


So why not empower yourself now and educate yourself on how your body was made and the impact of the foods we eat today has on us? Let’s change the course of disease! You can change the path that your body is headed down. The time to start is now!

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