Sweet Potato Hash

In my last post I challenged you to try eating dinner food for breakfast instead of the typical bagels and pancakes. When we feed our body with a nutritiously dense meal especially for breakfast we’re setting ourselves up for a better day. And once you do that day after day you set yourself up for a life change!

If you’re anything like me, cooking is NOT something that is relaxing. It’s usually more of a stress than anything else. After a long day with a 16 month old and housework, it’s the last thing I want to do. BUT cooking a nutritious meal for my family and having leftovers for breakfast the next morning is a double win!

I stumbled across a recipe called “Hash” from the Autoimmune Paleo recipes I purchased. So I took it and tweaked it using vegetables I like. In the base of this recipe, I used sweet potatoes. Up until now I probably never had a sweet potato. And if you haven’t either, this recipe is bound to make you fall in love. There’s just something about the blend of sweet potatoes and beef with broccoli and fresh garlic. Yum!

Unsure?? Never liked sweet potatoes in the past? Give this a try! It may change your mind about them. The best thing about this recipe is that you can substitute for any vegetables you like. Cauliflower, corn, squash, asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, spinach…the options are endless!

First, cut up all your veggies. Before you finish chopping, heat your skillet to medium/medium high and add olive or coconut oil. I absolutely love cooking with iron skillets and this is what I use to make this recipe. Once your oil is heated throw your veggies in. I like to coat them in the oil and then I pour in some water and cover so the veggies can steam soft. You don’t want them to burn before they are cooked soft and sweet potatoes take a while to cook.

Once the veggies are almost done cooking, spread them to the outside and add the ground beef. A quick nugget on beef…buy organic grass fed when you can. Yes, I know it’s usually at least double the price, but just remember you eat what the cow ate. If they ate a grain saturated diet, chances are you are eating gluten saturated beef. If they were given antibiotics, the same chemicals are entering into your body causing stress to your gut.

After the beef is almost brown, add fresh minced garlic and salt and pepper. I like to add at least 3 cloves of garlic but sometimes 4. Garlic is a staple in our house and fresh garlic just tastes better. So if you’re not used to using fresh garlic, buy yourself a bag of garlic and a garlic press and begin using fresh instead of powder. I promise you’ll notice the difference! Let the garlic cook with the hash for a few minutes and you’re done!

Easy. Simple. Delicious!


Here is the full recipe.


2 tlbs olive or coconut oil

½ cup chopped onion

2 ½ cups chopped sweet potato

2 cups chopped broccoli florets


1 lb ground beef

3-4 cloves garlic, minced

Salt and pepper to taste


*Heat oil in a skillet on medium/medium high and add chopped veggies. Once they’re soft spread to the outside of the skillet.

*Add ground beef and cook until nearly brown.

*Add minced garlic, salt and pepper and finish cooking until beef and vegetables are done. Should only be a couple minutes left.




What are some of your favorite dinner foods that make great leftovers for breakfast? Please comment and share. I’d love to read your ideas or recipes!


Also, if you missed part of my story, you can check out my latest blogs down below! 🙂


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