Cinnamon Rolls

Going gluten, dairy and soy free was so hard for us in the beginning. Especially when it seemed like everything in our fridge and pantry contained one or all of those. And then there’s the most important question of all time… What am I going to do about breakfast?? I can’t eat cereal and biscuits and bagels and pancakes…I’m going to starve!!


This was probably my first question, and my biggest concern at the time. It’s also one I’ve heard a lot of other people ask and if you’re like me, giving up something like soda and tortilla chips isn’t that bad but giving up cinnamon rolls that’s another issue!


So how did I get through this atrocious matter? Although it’s fairly easy to use alternative ingredients to wheat and dairy, I have a much better solution. One that in fact will probably help you kick the hunger curb and even help with weight loss.


I read somewhere that we should retrain our brains when it comes to deciding what to eat for breakfast. Instead of going for the typical American breakfast foods (or better yet desserts), let’s eat lunch and dinner foods instead!


Do what? Am I reading this correctly?


Yes! Instead of eating nutrition deprived cereal and pancakes, eat things like meats and veggies! It sounds weird at first–believe me you should see some of the looks I get when I tell people what I eat for breakfast–but it’s really not that bad.


Here’s what happens when you choose to eat nutrition saturated foods for breakfast:


You feel full

You feel great about yourself knowing you chose nutrient dense food

Your body then in turn thanks you

Your blood sugar is more stabilized leading to feeling full longer

Your mood is better

You make better food choices for the rest of the day

You start your day off feeling empowered which then leads to making more decisions that are empowering


…a domino effect!


Don’t believe me?…Have you tried it?


For one week I challenge you to try it!


Tomorrow morning pull out that leftover steak and asparagus you had at Texas Roadhouse. Add some chopped avocado for extra blood sugar stability and bam! You’re off to making a life change–because I truly believe that it can and it will be a life change. Who knows what could come of it.


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