“The tests came back…”

“The tests came back and your TSH level was extremely elevated so it turns out you do have Hypothyroidism.” The E.R. doctor came back in the room to share the news.

Ok, I finally have an answer. I don’t know much about it but it’s something to go off of and he said I just have to take this pill before breakfast everyday for the rest of my life and monitor it every six months or so. Sounds easy enough!

After getting on natural thyroid hormone replacement I began to have improvement in my symptoms very quickly. Less fatigue, more energy—to name a few—but what I was really just thankful for was that my pain attacks were gone. Things continued on and about a year and a half later I got pregnant with Judah which was a blessing in disguise itself due to my Hypothyroidism causing infertility. After having Judah, however, the drastic change of hormone levels sent my body into a downward spiral fast! Just a month after giving birth I had so much fatigue. I’m not talking about the fatigue of mothering a newborn but a fatigue of not being able to do anything but sit on the couch all day. I had no energy whatsoever. Even when it was time to get Judah up from his naps I remember dreading it because just caring for him took every ounce of energy I had. I was miserable! I was cold. All. The. Time. After moving into our house in Tucson, simply climbing up the stairs took so much out of me. If I needed something upstairs I would typically just wait until my husband got home to fetch it for me. The simple task of brushing my teeth would wear my wrist out so much I had to take breaks while brushing. My thyroid wasn’t that far off from where it should’ve been. I didn’t understand why I was still feeling this horrible. Nothing made sense.

And then, out of no where my mom sends me a link to a documentary series that was airing online. The documentary series called “The Thyroid Secret.”

Ever get that feeling after sitting in a lecture or a conference for so long your brain starts hating you and begins to throb because it can’t process any more information?! Yeah, that was me after watching this documentary. I learned more about my body than all the years of school health classes combined and that I truly had the power to change my health. To change the aggression of this disease…to even possibly put it into remission!

And so it began. The start of a complete diet and lifestyle change. The craziest thing I’ve ever done. For the pursuit of whole, complete health.

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