I’m 27.

     I’m 27. I’m a wife. A mom. Different than most people. Complicated and rational. I don’t typically like to go with the “crowd.” When I decide to do something, I like to go into it with both feet.

     I have a story…well, we all do really. Mine starts off like most everyone else’s. I grew up as a normal, healthy child. I played sports, maintained a good weight, and ate (what I thought) healthy. I never thought twice about my body or my health. Until I turned 18. In 2009, I started having unexplainable abdominal cramping. Tests were done in and out of my body but all returned with no answers. Doctor could only think to pinpoint it on an allergy to an acne medication I had taken a few years back. After a few weeks, the cramping episodes disappeared and I continued to move forward with my life. I got married two years later and by then, the thought of those horrible three weeks had completely left my mind. It didn’t seem to have any effect on my health anymore (or so I thought). Then, in the spring of 2014 I began having abdominal cramping again. These episodes would usually last about 2-3 hours. Pain so intense it left me on the floor, screeching in pain. The only thing doctors kept telling me was that I was constipated and to take a laxative and eat more fiber. After five trips to the E.R. that year, a doctor finally asked the right question. “Have you ever had your thyroid checked?” My what? While processing the question, I immediately take myself back to the human anatomy classes in school. I can’t remember for the life of me what the thyroid does or even what it is. Apparently it wasn’t important enough for me to remember. “Uhh no?” I replied. Sure enough, labs came back and confirmed in Oct. 2014 I had Hypothyroidism. Solution? Take this thyroid replacement pill everyday before food for the rest of your life.

    Ok, great I FINALLY had an answer!

     This however, was only the beginning of a long journey. A journey that would bring about the most difficult year I would experience thus far. One that would change my entire way of life. Physically…spiritually…emotionally. The journey that would impel me to share my story.

8 thoughts on “I’m 27.

  1. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story! I’m glad to be following you, not just on the blog, but as one of my wonderful daughters in law! Dad Vernoy


  2. So excited to see the beauty that God has and is bringing in and through you because of this difficult journey! We will ever love and encourage you in all that you set out to do! Mom


  3. Seeing from a far what you’ve gone through has definitely made you a strong woman. It would’ve most likely been real hard without Jamie and having God! I look up to you and can go to you for answers about what’s good for you!


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